In the frontline of communications!

As a full-service agency we are engaged in the creation and implementation of PR, marketing and communication projects, consultancy, creative design and application, as well as production work, finding harmony between strategy and design.

Diamond Agency aims to create integrated marketing strategies that provide the greatest efficiency for its partners, reaching out even to the world wide web.

On the basis of research and analysis related to a specific project we provide an integrated system of communication tools, which assures that the clients' aims are realised in the most optimal way.

"We do not only work for creation,
but to give value to time."

Why is a good choice for the Diamond Agency?

Collegaues with decades of experience, professionals in marketing and PR, creative staff and internationally recognized experts helping our work.

Big name multinational companies been continuously delegate tasks to our team for years.

We have a network of contacts that emphasize us from the rest of the marketing, PR and creative agency.

Behind our outstanding creativity are positive business results.

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